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Grind Now Shine Later

Basketball Academy in Kuala Lumpur for Kids and Youth

Our Basketball Academy Goal:

To use basketball to build self-esteem and encourage teamwork in every class.  We do this by showing children how capable they are, and proving they can succeed no matter how difficult the task may seem. AirKit Basketball Academy was created to provide the comprehensive instruction and positive encouragement that kids need.  Our lessons and teaching methods focus on a child’s strong points, recognizing the smallest achievements.    


Why AirKit Basketball Academy Kuala Lumpur?

AirKit Basketball Academy classes are based on age-specific, specially developed lessons that introduce beginner and advanced instruction and team concepts. Our teaching methods are geared to make each player feel like a winner — inside where it really counts.

  • Our coaches are not volunteers. Your children will learn from basketball teachers who are paid and trained, not someone else’s Father or a High School kid. Our coaches know how to speak to the children in a positive, motivating way. Most importantly, they know how to teach.
  • We take only 30 students in most classes.
  • Each full class has 4-5 basketball coaches.
  • This low child-to-coach ratio ensures each child receives individual attention and improves at his or her own rate while having fun.
  • We teach them the basic skills, including shooting, passing, dribbling with a dose of good sportsmanship. We explain their role on a team and we do it all without any pressure.
  • Every child plays all the time. No one sits out.
  • We share valuable life lessons with our students; helping them understand the importance of a positive attitude, why losing can be valuable, how to be a good winner, etc.

Program in AirKit Basketball Academy Kuala Lumpur:

Introductory Level: Age 7-10



The programs are not about winning. When the kids ask who won, our answer is, “if you had fun, you won!” Each class has 4 or 5 experienced teachers (not volunteers). They teach your child the basic skills, play with him/her, provide encouragement and help set individual goals.We show them how to catch the ball properly; dribble and shoot using “youth size” balls and baskets lower than regulation. We stress good sportsmanship in all of our classes. No one sits out. Everyone plays all the time!

  • Introductory– for ages 7-10 teaches basketball fundamentals including shooting, passing, dribbling with a dose of good sportsmanship. We explain their role on a team and we do it all without any pressure. We play full court games and our coaches play in the game so the children learn by watching the coach rather than another child in the class.


Our message to the children is always filled with support and an expectation that he/she will accomplish the task. With many students, we find that our confidence in them will overcome their lack of confidence in themselves.

Foundational and Advanced Level: Ages 9-14


Although these are competitive program, we don’t permit any cut-throat rivalry. All of our programs enforce the value of sportsmanship, individual excellence and teamwork. The children that qualify for the Advanced Level are generally a little older and have more skills and experience.

  • For boys and girls, 9-12, is an innovative concept in youth basketball. The first half of the twelve week semester provides instruction, skills and technique along with full court games. The second half focuses on a series of basketball contests and games based on the skills they learned, testing different aspects of the sport: dribbling, shooting, defense, and full-court games.
  • This wide variety of games levels the playing field for everyone. Smaller children can excel in shooting, dribbling and speed contests. Bigger players may do better in rebounding and low post skills. And, less aggressive children will find that most games are non-contact. No one sits out. Everyone participates in every event!
  • Each week, children are grouped with five other players and a coach. During the session, they practice and compete in events against other group members. Then as a team, the groups play full court games against each other.
  • Points are awarded and accumulated. At the end of the season, one player from each age level is named as the First Prize Winner. A trophy is awarded to every child. Children love this program. It gives them an opportunity to monitor their skills, define their strong points, and see how they are progressing each week.
Powerball Advanced Training (Ages 12-15)


This is a unique program developed for players age 12-15, whose skill and expertise is beyond those in our regular Foundational Level, and who want to play on a team in the future. This class is for the serious player who wants to excel in the game. We only take a select number of students in this class.

The Power Ball Advanced program provides intense training that focuses on two important criteria: First, is the fine points of the full court game including setting picks, pick and roll, how to get free, set plays, zone defense and man to man defense, how to run a two on one fast break, boxing out and rebounding.  The second equally important aspect of the program is shooting. We work closely with the students to refine their shooting technique.

This program will make the student a better full court player.

School Holiday Programs at our AirKit Basketball Academy in Kuala Lumpur:

To find out more about the School Holiday Programs and Clinics, please call our office. Classes will be held during the day in August term break from 8:30AM-4:30PM in our covered, basketball court at Taman Connaught. There are two different levels for students with some experience. Skill Training for ages 7-11 and Advanced Skill Training, ages 12-16.

Here’s How it Works:

We know kids change their minds about what they like. So we offer an opportunity to try us with a Free Trial Lesson. Your child has to be registered for the program in order for him/her to play. After the first class, if your child does not have a great time and you don’t wish to continue for any reason, you will receive a full refund. We have been teaching children for over 4 years and we do not want an unhappy child or parent. If you do not intend to continue after the first lesson, please notify us immediately.


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